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Reactive Components Limited - Services

Materials, manufacturing, products and innovation.

Bringing Your Product Ideas to Reality

Reactive Components Limited offer a wealth of product development expertise focussing on;

Materials Science: An extensive understanding of materials science leads to enhanced product performance.

Introduction to Market: Supporting customers in the field is an essential tool to complete the customer feedback loop and deliver market-leading products.

Manufacturing Scale-up: Reactive Components Limited specialise in working with existing manufacturing technologies or introducing new ones to ensure cost effective manufacture of your new products.

Supply Chain Efficiency: Utilising our extensive network of raw material suppliers to implement cost savings whilst maintaining product integrity.

Product Lifecycle: Understanding the product lifecycle whilst introducing raw materials multi sourcing, quality set-up monitoring and problem solving.

Experience allows us to utilise a Six Sigma approach utilising the correct tools within each environment to maintain a time efficient implementation, referred to as our Six Sigma Lite approach.

Future Focus brings Success

Alongside our proven product development experience here at Reactive Components Limited we always look to the future, focussing on some of the key drivers within the industry;

  • Environmental concerns: from personal risks (use of “safest” chemistry) to (long-term) product lifecycle (bio-sourced materials, recyclable products etc.).
  • Leading edge technologies: for example Nanotechnology - not as a buzzword but as a working technology.
  • Looking to Nature as an innovative solution provider.
  • TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving): currently trained at Yellow Belt level.


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