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Reactive Components Limited - The Company

A look at our product development history.

20 Years of Proven Product Development

What does Reactive Components Limited bring to your company?

We are an innovative business experienced in project and team management, proficient in product development and advanced in overcoming manufacturing challenges and quality issues.

Our Managing Director Dr Yves Didier is qualified as a Doctor in Engineering Materials and as a Chemical Engineer. Practiced in Six Sigma tools. Multilingual and adaptable with proven customer relations experience.

Our History is Your Future

Reactive Components Limited have been active and successful in delivering cost effective and timely products for the Composites market and beyond. Just think what we could do for your business.

Product Development

The exciting challenges of the Composites industry have led Reactive Components Limited to develop market-leading products through the years.


  • Resins for SPRINT®, prepregs, adhesive and surfacing films for the automotive and marine markets. 
  • A new generation of cost-effective wind-energy prepregs using an innovative chain-extension reaction.
  • A range of high temperature composite car body sheet for offline or inline painting approval, including Class A surfacing film, destined for implementation at a major OEM. 
  • Toughened tooling board for direct tooling applications, High temperature tooling board for aerospace applications. 

From Innovation to Leading Edge

We focus our activities to always look for the innovative steps, which will ensure longevity and durable success of your products.


  • Innovative low temperature chemistry for 60ºC and 70ºC curable prepreg system.
  • Authored patent on positive “fabric filtration system”.
  • Championed introduction of working nanotechnology specifically in prepreg technology. 
  • Use of hybrid chemistry to provide unique combination of properties. 
  • Ensure effective and knowledgable technical relationships with key chemical raw materials suppliers.

Leadership Skills

Here at Reactive Components Limited we believe organisational and interpersonal skills are of prime importance to support teamwork across departmental lines and multiple sites. Our experience includes;


  • Recruiting for and heading international departments  locally and remotely (Canadian, Europe, China) to develop a range of products matching industry requirements.
  • Implementing product development process to ensure measurable and timely project delivery.
  • Setting up Technical Laboratory including infrastructure and adequate analytical and application equipments.
  • Managing team effort in delivering preforming solutions for large OEM fender manufacturer.
  • Leading change management team responsible for global wind energy and marine markets.
  • Managing worldwide customer qualification programs through focussed communication at the customer level..

Manufacturing Scale-Up

The success of an innovative product ultimately relies on consistent quality and scaleable manufacturing process. Reactive Components Limited experience and expertise ensure adequate quality control for consistency,  processability and supply chain control for your product.

Here are some of the success stories:


  • Worked with customer to set up new product line in 12 months, taking it from concept to fully running production line, enabling access to a European market worth €100 million.
  • Resolved product quality issues, leading to a more stable and economically viable product.
  • Supported upscaling of supply chain in order to make customer process more economically competitive in the automotive composite leafspring marketplace.
  • Led project focussing on reduction of manufacturing cure cycles for primary and secondary aircraft structures.
  • Led implementation of transformative changes in manufacturing technology of £5m business, resulting in a combined outcome of 25% increase in plant throughput and quality improvement.
  • Managed waste reduction program, using statistical analysis to deliver increased gross margin.
  • Resolved all raw materials-related supply issues at all Wind Energy plants.
  • Delivered targeted cost savings of CHF 2M two years running through multi-sourcing.
  • Introduced pre-impregnated technology, from formulation development to quality control, through manufacturing processes of base resin, catalyst pastes, resin films and finished products.


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